Apr 23, 2024

Making a dynamic image for social networks

Opengraph images are an integral part of modern web development, as they are used by social medias to show a preview of websites and give an idea to users on what content to expect.


Why Opengraph images are crucial

These images serve as the visual representation of the content linked on social media, providing a snapshot that can attract clicks and engagement. Understanding how to effectively use Opengraph images can significantly enhance your content's visibility and CTR on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

CTR, or Click-Through Rate indicates the percentage of people who see your post and then actually go on to click

    <meta property="og:url" content="https://example.com" />

A simple code snippet like the one above is all that is needed to have a static image preview of your website, but adding dynamic elements to it can make your content stand out even more.

Enchancing social images

OpenGraphly can automatically pull dynamic data from your website and add it to your Opengraph image, to have social proof or useful live information and attract more visitors! Turn a social image into a great customer acquisition asset now with OpenGraphly.